Valigent Ltd. entered the Ukrainian market in 2016. We consider Ukraine to be the intellectual and manufacturing playground for Israel and European market as the alternative to Chinese products. It is notorious that Chinese manufacture becomes more expensive and many companies now are looking for new manufacturers. Since then, the great work was done to study the market of design and manufacturing of electronics.

In November 2016 the design center was established in Kharkiv. It includes 10 highly skilled designers who are able to execute the turnkey design of electronics. The design center in Ukraine allows to execute work fast, of high quality and competitively priced. Properly constructed work and project management system excepts discomfort during the cooperation of Ukrainian and Israeli designers. It essentially enhances the productivity of work.

In June 2017 Valigent Ltd. began the search and audit of Ukrainian electronics manufacturers. The result of that work was the establishing of collaboration with reliable manufacturers who can provide electronics compliant with global standards. We paid particular attention to:

  • certification of production according to ISO standards;
  • RoHS compliance;
  • organization of production processes;
  • stock of products;
  • ability to credit projects and delay in paying;
  • etc;

Today the electronics form Ukraine are successfully manufactured and delivered to our clients from Europe and Israel. What are the benefits for the manufacturing process organisation in Ukraine?

  1. Suitable location. Ukraine is situated in the center of Europe, which gives us the opportunity to deliver our products to clients from Europe with minimum costs.
  2. The same time zone with Israel. It helps to control manufacturing process and fast technical issues solving.
  3. Prices are the same as in China.
  4. There are high quality human resources in Ukraine. Their cooperation with Israeli professionals gives excellent quality of manufactured devices.
  5. Friendly relations between Ukraine and Israel encourage the development of successful electronics manufacture in Ukraine.
  6. Valigent Ltd. undertakes an obligation for the work organisation, all technical issues and quality control.

Our mission is to achieve highest level of working and widen the form of facilities to our clients. Maintain our motto of satisfaction of Clients in our dealing and with most suitable manner of servicing. On account of this principle we are very successful in strengthening our business relations with the clients and also it proved faithful in attracting our new clients.