Since December 2017, Valigent Ltd. has been manufacturing series-produced electronic device Helios TT in Ukraine.
Helios TT is the system that allows to monitor vehicles live. It is used for vehicle fleet management and safety control. It allows to implement the following functions as: energy management, additional digital inputs for external sensors connection, support of signal contact on standalone mode, build in accelerometer, programming through fully connected network, etc.
The system allows to adjust for the controller wide variety of events detecting. The system allows to adjust the telecommunication lines which determine the place and the method of data transfer.
The information about a vehicle is outputted on the free Andriond/IOS application. It consists of the block and interconnecting cable.
The device is being manufactured for about 10000 annually. Ukrainian experts has succesfully produced this device and provided shipping for the Europinion Union clients. The Valigent’ designers has been fulfilled the design of this device and today our company successfully conducts the manufacturing of it in Ukraine.